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logo_flexirentWhat is Flexirent?

Flexirent is a form of operating lease or fixed term rental agreement used to expense equipment over its useful life.

Flexirent is the ideal financing plan for products that have a limited useful life - two or four year (maximum) - especially when the intrinsic worth and market value at the end of their life is minimal.

Compared to buying and owning, Flexirent gives you much more control over your changing IT needs. You have the flexibility to update to new equipment quickly and easily even before the end of the rental term. If you Flexirent multiple items and only wish to update one item, this is easy to arrange.

Many people now prefer to Flexirent their computer equipment rather than purchasing and owning it. They have realised the many benefits of financing equipment such as PCs, laser printers, scanners and digital cameras through Flexirenting.

With a choice of 24, 36 & 48 months, Flexirent allows you to spread the cost over the term with affordable monthly payments.

Flexirenting allows you to get a new home computer every couple of years (conditions apply).

Flexirent has a flexible and affordable finance solution for you, whether you require a computer for the childrens school work, surfing the internet or for work you bring home.